Taking care of linen bedding is easy at home.

Wash stage: Linen sheets are perfectly fine to go in the washing machine. Simply use less detergent than you would in normal washes. Use cold water on bright colors and use warm water on lighter colors.

Bleach: We recommend not using bleach. If your sheets are stained and you must, use a small amount of oxygen bleach. Never use chlorine bleach on pure linen.

Fabric softener: We don’t recommend using any fabric softeners. If you insist on using a softener, use a non silicone based softener.

Drying: We recommend air drying your linen sheets & duvets. This will maximize the life of your bedding to the fullest extent possible. However, we understand this may not be practical if you live in a place like Manhattan, Hong Kong, or San Francisco. Machine drying is acceptable under these circumstances. Keep the dryer on low or medium and check it every 5 minutes. When it is only slightly damp, remove and place on the bed or hang on the shower curtain to finish drying. Remember linen dries fast. Do not overdry in the dryer.